ARCHETYPE GROUP - Ulaanbaatar Hotel (Car Park)


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
4,600 m²

The roof of the underground car park is used as one attractive park. Car park for Hotel clients connected to the lobby. Car park for other customers connected to the park. There are hotel own cars, driver’s room, lockers, toilets, security, guard rooms, small area for bikes, outdoor car park for buses.

The undercar parking should have 2 accesses, one dedicate to the hotel customer and one used by the public (payment).
The “Hotel” pedestrian clients needs to be connected directly with the lobby area and the “Public” parking needs to have one pedestrian access from the park. Car Park used for the hotel customer needs to be controlled. Importance between private and public. Around 35 car parks.
Car park used for other cars needs to be connected to the hotel customers’ trough pedestrian door access (in case of special event). Around 110 car parks.
The park should be perfectly integrated to the city and to the existing hotel. It has automatic garage door and barriers system.