January 2014

Amano’i Opens: First Aman Resort in Vietnam

Further enhancing Archetype Group’s design and project management credentials in luxury resorts, the Amano'i Resort (an Aman Resort) opens this month in a remote and private area on the coast of Vietnam. Archetype's scope on this project was full engineering design, architectural design development, project management and cost management. After three years under construction, the resort has 53 rooms in total, including some residential villas. Facilities include two restaurants, two swimming pools, a beach club and a world-class spa. It is envisaged that the spa will set the benchmark for excellence in South East Asia, offering a full gym, Pilates and Yoga pavilions, Hydrotherapy, Massage and other beauty treatments. Aman Resorts' prestige lies in providing the ultimate private experience for their guests, and Amano'i is no different ─ the rooms are positioned on the hillside so that they are not visible from any other vantage point on the property. And while this allows the rooms to blend easily with the natural surrounding landscape, it also posed great difficulties during construction, especially with the site's limited accessibility. Remi Zimmermann, the Archetype Group Project Manager on this project, explains, “The terrain was certainly a challenge for us when positioning the buildings and rooms on site. We had to ‘drop’ fully constructed structures into place, while minimizing any disturbance to the natural landscaping in the area. By doing this, we have achieved the Aman standard of natural integration and the utmost privacy for the guests.” The concept design and interior decoration was completed by Jean-Michel Gathy of Denniston in Kuala Lumpur, who has designed several other properties for Aman Resorts in Asia. The resort was open for guests in September, 2013.