July 2019

Impactful progress for hospitality sector in the Philippines

Following the state analysis for the extension of Montebello Villa Hotel in early 2018, Archetype Philippines has been appointed to provide master planning and conceptual architecture services for this stunning one-and-only garden resort hotel in Cebu city. The picturesque sceneries and low-rise architecture are gentle reminders of the old-world charms and Cebu’s Hispanic heritage.

While Montebello is a “secret garden” in the heart of Cebu, a little further away to the coast, in the charming island of Mactan, located the tropical hideaway of Costabella, a blissful holiday beach resort that is inviting, cozy and relaxing with direct sea access.

Archetype Philippines is also working on the extension of this enchanting hotel, providing capacity master planning and conceptual architectural design services.

For both hotels, it is our very intention to preserve their charms of heritage influence, while introducing modernity and comfortability. We are therefore paying great attention to the design and details of the existing properties to ensure a seamless integration.