March 2019

Myanmar: Shaping Tomorrow in Mandalay

Archetype Myanmar was awarded full design services for Yé Dagun Taung City showroom and has successfully delivered the building in January 2019. The construction was started in December 2017 and has been conducted by a quality team of local and international contractors. After 12 months of hard work, the showroom was inaugurated through a spectacular launching ceremony on the 29th January 2019 in the presence of the local authorities.

Façade design incorporates architectural vertical fins that play with the light throughout the day. The horizontal shape of the volume gives stability to the building and accentuates the verticality of the hills in the background, while the bright and white façade finishes provide a nice contrast with the surrounding greeneries.

Indoor, the spaces are complemented with contemporary furniture in an elegant and minimalistic style. The interior and finishes are a combination of neutral tones, natural wood and marble stone. Public areas include a conference room, restrooms and client rooms offering visitors all the comfort needed for private discussions. The second floor holds open plan offices, meeting rooms and executive offices. Natural light floods the interior spaces from floor‐to‐ceiling through the curtain walls giving extraordinary views to Yé Dagun Taung Showroom golf course and the surrounding hills.

This fantastic project is the result of the close collaboration between all Archetype Myanmar design disciplines in particular: Architecture, MEP, Structure and Interior Design Departments. Having all disciplines to be fully integrated into the architectural concept from the very beginning has allowed the team to deliver once again a seamless turnkey building.

Especially, the showroom is designed to serve as an exhibition gallery for the new master plan development in the city of Mandalay, for which Archetype Myanmar provides master planning, concept design and infrastructure design services.