February 2019

Yangon Excelsior Hotel on the cover page of Design & Architecture magazine

The Hotel held its Grand Opening on February 2nd, officially marked Yangon Excelsior’s emergence from the former headquarters of The Steel Brothers, dated from the 19th century.

Archetype Myanmar was closely involved in this epic transformation from a protected heritage building into a stunning boutique hotel, with a special touch on history and class. Yangon Excelsior hotel offers 74 rooms and suites with exquisite décor, a bar named the Newsroom and a Steel Brothers’ Wine & Grill restaurant, all meticulously designed to re-tell the story of Yangon in the olden days.

Thanks to its exquisite design and historical meaning, Yangon Excelsior Hotel made a special feature on the cover page of Design & Architecture (d+a) magazine’s latest issue.

d+a is a bi-monthly magazine featuring works of exceptional architecture and interior design by outstanding designers worldwide. In each issue, the magazine covers specific core sections from the world of architecture, and this issue presents the themes of technology, heritage and conservation.

The magazine also dedicated a detailed article on all the charms and elements in design that create the Yangon Excelsior hotel’s undisputed beauty. As the lead in this restoration project, Archetype Myanmar is ever so proud of this achievement, which is a huge motivation for us to better our work in the architecture and construction industry.