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Archetype delivered a cutting-edge technical center for Plastic Omnium in China.

Archetype China is pleased to have designed the new 20,000 square meters Technical Center of Plastic Omnium in Wuhan, China.

Plastic Omnium is the world’s leading supplier of plastic and composite painted exterior components and modules, with 83 plants in 19 countries. They are also the leading global tier one supplier of complete plastic fuel system and emission reduction related fluids systems to car manufacturers, with 36 plants in 19 countries.

For this project, Archetype China was responsible for the architectural and interior design, which strongly embrace a contemporary and cutting-edge vibe, while accentuating Plastic Omnium’s visual branding concept.

The center was inaugurated in the middle of June. Plastic Omnium Technical Center’s successful realisation is a well-earn badge for Archetype design team, who had spent great effort from concept to finish to deliver a stunning result.

Published on: July 2019

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