Our Offices & Network

Headquartered in Asia and boasting 27 offices across 20 countries, Archetype Group’s broad geographic footprint allows us to better serve our clients across local, regional and global levels.

We are building today shaping tomorrow

We focus on providing superior, internationally-managed services for some of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and have strategically positioned offices all across 4 continents in Africa & Middle East – Central & South Asia – East & Southeast Asia – France & Europe – Latin America

Our partners

Archetype Group has partnered with several firms in order to complement or expand our existing range of services. Currently, our partnerships extend into environmental consulting, specialist healthcare services, an architecture network throughout Europe and a property development/hospitality company in South East Asia.

Archetype Offices

Currently, with 27 offices registered in 20 countries, Archetype Group has been working on over 1,500 projects in 50 different countries to date. 

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Archetype Alliance

In addition to the countries where we have offices, we can bring an exceptional worldwide reach thanks to previous experience, as well as ongoing projects.

Archetype Alliance has been developed to regroup the best partners across the globe capable to deliver the same quality of services.

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