archetype _y: our integrated architecture signature studio

archetype _y is our integrated architecture signature studio, a special unit embedded within Archetype Group

Let us bring your vision to life​​. We shape dreams and inspiration, we are shaping tomorrow.

_y not?

we craft bespoke designs to offer unique experiences original places

At our team studio, our foremost mission is to craft projects that transcend the boundaries of creativityfueled by our remarkable 20+ years of expertise and boundless imagination.​​

In a collaborative journey with our clients, we forge a path toward a shared vision: to transform ideas into aesthetically captivating and functionally impeccable projects that ignite innovation and artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from the senses, the surroundings, the arts, the environment, history, and the unique cultural tapestry of each locale, we root our exploration in diversity, offering a spectrum of possibilities and solutions.

We harness the collective skill and finesse of our architects, orchestrating a harmonious process that gives rise to a distinctive project. Every design echoes the essence of our initial concepts, manifesting them into tangible and purposeful spaces.

archetype _y : our stories

Architecture & Master Planning

Architecture & Master Planning

archetype _y vision.

We craft  bespoke designs to offer unique experiences and original places

where functions and aesthetics are mutually interlaced for the same purpose: reaching architectural excellence


Our architecture expertise that meets all challenges of hospitality, real estate projects developments.


holistic approach going beyond initial expectation 

unique experience with prestigious names in architecture    

best local & international talents mobilized as an ad-hoc team


Designing Iconic and purposeful buildings

Creating Inspiring and functional places

Shaping Integrated and distinctive projects

Embracing Innovation and sustainability

who is _y ?

our collective of architects designers artists creators

archetype _y commitments.

Designing iconic but pragmatic buildings where the finest inspiration are meeting the strongest executions.​

Crafting integrated and distinctive projects to be memorable and meaningful for the people and communities.​

Producing innovative designs of the highest quality, sensitive to the entirety of the constructed environment.​

Creating inspiring, functional and aesthetic spaces for our clients to enhance the landscape and their inhabitants’ standard of living and leisure.​

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