Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality

Archetype Group is one of the international leading multi-disciplinary construction consultancies with core services in Architecture & Master Planning, Industrial & Process Engineering, Building Engineering, and Project & Cost Management
We are building today shaping tomorrow
With over 1,000 employees, Archetype Group is one of the leading private construction consultancies across 4 continents – Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, being the fourth largest French building engineering firm, and the largest French architecture firm – developing worldwide.

Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality

A zero carbon footprint is our ambition, and green building is our commitment. 

We allocate our energy and expertise to enable a better tomorrow. We are providing innovative solutions that bring together a sustainable construction environment.

Archetype Sustainable Design

We are building today  shaping tomorrow

Archetype Group is a long-time player in green buildings design, collaborating and advocating with public and private environmental organizations, committed to a zero and low carbon footprint. As one of the leading design firms in 20 countries, Archetype Group is committed to deliver projects that are built to last and leave positive impacts on society and environment.

By incorporating Sustainable Design Principles into our normal course of work, Archetype Group has made a substantial investment in putting our beliefs into practice by establishing a  dedicated Team for Sustainable Design.

Archetype has, through its experts and its network of professional consultants, extensive experience in delivering certified green building projects. Although we have the technical knowledge to work with any recognized Certifying Green Agency, we have focused our efforts and knowledge on the number one and fastest growing “green” brand in the world, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) program, LEED®, as well as the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) program, LOTUS, in Vietnam, the France Green Building Council and the Green Building Council Indonesia.

In Asia-Pacific and in Africa, Archetype Group also partners with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on EDGE, an innovative tool that can be used to determine the financial viability of a green building project at the early design stage and is also a green certification system for emerging markets.

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The Archetype Difference

Archetype Group is one of the few full-service consultancies with Green accreditation, and our teams are experienced in both the USGBC program, LEED®, VGBC program, LOTUS, and IFC program, EDGE.

Our approach to sustainable design is pragmatic. We prioritize the use of local materials, strive for building envelope design improvements, and encourage the implementation of energy-efficient systems.

To further demonstrate Archetype Group’s commitment to sustainability, we have established a unique service solution specialized in water and sanitation, solid waste management, energy efficiency, and dedicated GIS.

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling software provides versatile features for designing HVAC systems for buildings. Used in the early stages of the design process, it allows us to advise our clients on the most efficient and cost-saving energy systems.
It also offers powerful energy analysis capabilities for comparing energy consumption and operating costs of design alternatives. Significant time savings are achieved. Input data and results from system design calculations can be used directly in energy studies. The results of our energy modeling tool are accepted by the U.S. Green Building Council for its LEED® Rating System.

Environmental Considerations

We carefully consider how the buildings we create will integrate with the surrounding ecological and urban landscapes and our Sustainable Design Team aims to reduce each building’s environmental impact through:

Archetype Commitments

• Sustainable Planning
• Safeguarding Water and Water Efficiency
• Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
• Conservation of Materials and Resources
• Improved Indoor Environmental Quality

BIM Modeling Expertise

Archetype Group is not only one of the consultancies with a specialty in BIM Modeling, we are also one of the few consultancies with multi-disciplinary proficiency in it. This means we can produce fast, efficient 3D modeling that incorporates and analyses sustainable features from the outset.
Archetype Group excels in a range of advanced modeling techniques, including thermal modeling, energy modeling, daylighting modeling, and carbon study (LCA)

Green Best Practice Portal

Archetype's Green Portal serves as a comprehensive hub that consolidates all essential tools, documentation, and research necessary to remain up-to-date with cutting-edge innovations and develop sustainable designs.
It encompasses a diverse range of resources :
• Green supply library
• Green contractors
• Certification registration forms & processes
• Green specifications
• Detailed design library

Long Term Performance Management

Upon completion of the building, Archetype actively promotes the adoption of procedures and systems to systematically collect, measure, and analyze the building's performance and adherence to sustainable efficiencies.
This enables our clients to effectively maintain or enhance these standards in the future, as required.

Sustainable Assurance

Archetype employs a robust quality and sustainability assurance process to ensure the consistent integration of sustainable design features, regardless of whether the project is pursuing LEED®/LOTUS certification or not.
The active involvement of our clients in this process is paramount as it fosters a comprehensive understanding that the achieved sustainability standards not only enhance staff attraction and retention but also facilitate operational cost savings, bolstering the organization's reputation as an environmentally and economically responsible entity.

Team Green

Throughout all stages of a sustainable building project, close collaboration among all members is essential, including architects, engineers and, project or construction managers. To ensure seamless coordination, we have established a dedicated multidisciplinary team focused on green design and management, capable of providing support to all our offices worldwide.
Our team of experts possesses the expertise to lead projects comprehensively, covering the entire lifecycle from initial design to construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and ultimately, demolition.

Our Portfolio.

Archetype Group has been working on over 1,500 projects in 50 different countries to date.

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