archetype _y: our integrated architecture signature studio

archetype _y was born from an ambition: to offer a meaningful future, to create inspiring places, to develop virtuous buildings, to combine the beauty of design with its responsibility.

Why archetype _y ?

Being a leading construction consultancy for world class your projects.

archetype _y is a special entity integrated within the archetype group: our architects and designers work on the most ambitious projects with top-notch creative added value.

archetype _y teams ensure that each project provides a unique experience for all stakeholders: the users of course, but also those who will work on sites, and the surrounding communities.



Our holistic offer thus includes our best local and international talents, mobilized as an ad hoc team to provide all services, from master planning to architecture, from design to project management.

archetype _y is a tailor-made solution for creating iconic and original places, places that make sense, are functional and aesthetic, that meet the most demanding environmental criteria.

archetype _y is our international design and architecture studio, which goes beyond your expectations, to surprise and bond through emotions.

archetype _y unique solutions
for your projects.

Architecture & Master Planning

Architecture & Master Planning

archetype _y vision.

We are committed to serve the society by leading the movement that benefits end-users and entrepreneurs.​

With our people and passion, we are shaping a future that cares, we create inspirational places and develop virtuous buildings.​

We are designing buildings that last, where people work and produce, live and entertain: unique experiences.​

We execute our vision ;​ what we envision, we develop.​

archetype _y approach​. ​

We are Archetype Group.
Having vast experience in projects with different scales and types, ranging from complex urban design to bespoke interior design, we offer exciting nouveau design ideas as well as insightful and technical solutions.​

Our tailor-made design solution always reflect the identity and uniqueness of every project and establish a brand for all clients. ​

archetype _y uniqueness.

  • A global footprint with the best international experts from Europe and Asia ​
  • Top-notch experience in all building real estate sector: hospitality, mixed-use, office, commercial, residential and public facilities​
  • A one-stop service for all projects: from master planning to architecture, from design to project management ​

archetype _y commitments.

Designing iconic but pragmatic buildings where the finest inspiration are meeting the strongest executions.​

Crafting integrated and distinctive projects to be memorable and meaningful for the people and communities.​

Producing innovative designs of the highest quality, sensitive to the entirety of the constructed environment.​

Creating inspiring, functional and aesthetic spaces for our clients to enhance the landscape and their inhabitants’ standard of living and leisure.​

Our Team

Francois Magnier

  • President & Co-founder of Archetype Group

Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA) —Paris, France; and Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP) —Paris, France

| Group Leadership


Mark Petrovic

  • Chief Design Officer of Archetype Group
  • Managing Director of Myanmar

Honors Degree in Architecture, Ecole Speciale d’Architecture (ESA) — Paris, France

| Country Leadership | Group Leadership

Jean-Francois Chevance

  • Group Director of Design

French Architect Diploma (DPLG), Paris Villemin School of Architecture —Paris, France

| Group Leadership

Cambodia | Laos | Vietnam

Michel Cassagnes

  • Regional Managing Director of Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam
  • Chief Sustainable Officer of Archetype Group 

French Architecture Diploma (DPLG), Toulouse Architecture School—France

| Country Leadership | Group Leadership

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