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Archetype Group in the Big list of Top 100.

The new year of 2007 promises to bring more and more exciting prospects for Archetype Group since we are, as a multi-disciplinary practice, in the Big list of Top 100 global architectural firms (ranked 63) and in the Top 10 for the Australasian region. The rankings are made based on the BD’s 2007 World Architecture survey, the leading indicator of how global architecture profession is developing. The survey investigated criteria such as the size, global number of architects, global number of other creative staff, number of offices nationally and overseas, annual net fee income, market sectors, areas of expertise, quality of service, etc. of the company. The outcome offers good reason for us to be further optimistic as it was the first time Archetype Group has registered itself for the survey. On top of that, Archetype is the only firm whose headquarter is based in Vietnam, while the majority of players are based in such developed markets as the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan and so on. The fact opens new vision for Archetype to strengthen its international position. December 2007

Published on: December 2007

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Archetype Group has been working on over 1,500 projects in 50 different countries to date.