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Creating Sound Structures for a Special Concert.

In the beginning of December, a very unique event was held inside the inner quadrant of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. For the first time ever, a classical concert, performed by a string quartet, the Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Ballet of Cambodia and led by composer/conductor Ms. Odile Perceau of France, played to an exclusive audience of ministers and ambassadors of all countries participating in Angkor’s preservation, UNESCO and many Cambodian VIPs. Archetype Group was asked to provide the structural engineering and Project Management/Construction Management for the 550-seat grandstand, the main stage and elevated stage platforms. Due to the requirements to harmoniously integrate these structures into the niches of the temple courtyard, an archaeologist had to approve all stages of the construction to ensure no damage was done to the temple. Despite the tight program, the work was finished ahead of schedule and with no site safety issues.

Published on: January 2014

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