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Mars Cocoa Research Station’s Grand Opening.

Our team from Archetype Indonesia was privileged to attend the grand opening ceremony of a significant project in our portfolio – the Mars Cocoa Research Station in Pangkep, Indonesia, held on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

This event was attended by Herve Boone, our Managing Director and Kaphi Hariadi, the Business Development Manager, representing Archetype Indonesia.

The ceremony marked the inauguration of the Mars Cocoa Advanced Research Laboratory (CARL), a major milestone in the progression of Indonesia’s cocoa industry. This endeavour, led by Mars Indonesia, underscores their commitment to innovation and sustainability in the cocoa sector.


Archetype Indonesia industrial project for Mars Research Station to provide architecture design project management construction management and engineering


CARL’s establishment signifies a considerable advancement in cocoa research and development, aiming to enhance the quality and sustainability of cocoa production. Our participation in this pioneering event emphasises Archetype Indonesia’s dedication to keeping abreast of industry developments.

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