ARCHETYPE GROUP - Burabay Villas


Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan
9,200 m² / 17 golf villas / 1 VIP villa

Located above the golf course and close to the lake, the golf villas and VIP villa are completely integrated in the Burabay forest landscape.
The area is easily reachable bay car, through the forest or by boat with a central pier. It is divided in two parts:
The VIP villa Area, with a private and secure entrance, in which you are guide by a road between the trees to the VIP villa. This 2500m2 villa has a fabulous view toward the lake and includes a tennis court, a helipad and a guard house.
The Golf villas area includes 17 villas of 3 types. The master plan is organized around a central landscape with water pound inspired by the surrounding nature that gives privacy for each villa. The direct views toward the lake have been maximized whenever possible. Otherwise, the villas have a nice view to the central landscape with an easy access to the lake.