Since its inception in 2002, Archetype Group has recruited professionals with creativity, innovation and passion from around the globe. Now, the 15 Executive Directors have grown Archetype Group into an international, powerful creative engine employing more than 1,100 professionals of more than 20 nationalities and the firm is one of the largest multi-disciplinary construction consultancies in Asia

  • General Director, Archetype Group
  • Group Director of Buildings and Real Estate
  • Regional Managing Director, Central Asia & Middle East
  • Chairman, Archetype Group
  • Group Director of Design, Archetype Group
  • Group Director of Finance, Archetype Group
  • Regional Managing Director, North Asia and Indochina
  • Managing Director, Archetype China
  • Regional Managing Director, South Asia & South ASEAN
  • Managing Director, Archetype Indonesia
  • Managing Director & Architectural Design Director, Archetype Myanmar
  • Managing Director, Archetype Mongolia
  • Managing Director, Archetype Vietnam
  • Managing Director, Archetype Cambodia & Laos
  • Managing Director, Archetype India

  • Managing Director, Archetype Thailand

  • Architectural Design Director, Archetype France

  • Branch Director, Equator Paris