May 2019

Archetype Cambodia works on another heritage building

Archetype Cambodia is pleased to announce that we have delivered the preliminary study for the renovation of the main Railway Station in Phnom Penh. The old building, dating back to 1932, is currently located at the core of a fast-growing business center, surrounded by most of the luxurious hotels and tallest office towers of the Capital.

For the revamping of the transport terminals, the program includes a large commercial area, connected to the main transit hall on the ground floor. The upper floors are reserved for F&B, offices and art galleries. The complex will be equipped with a commuter car parking facility with a capacity up to 200 cars and 400 motorbikes, as well as integrating the current bus terminal.

Archetype plans to enhance the outstanding image of the facade by upgrading the lighting system and extending the front on both sides, adding an express airport terminal and a bank. The planned investment supported by the Royal Railway Group is currently estimated between 3 and 5 million USD. The renovation is expected to bring modernity and comfortability while preserving an appreciation to the old day architecture.